The Trojan Women (2016-2017)

An adaptation of the tragedy by Euripides. 

Get Bill Shakespear off the Stage (2015-2016)

A new high school drama teacher tries to introduce Shakespeare’s works to her students, with some refusal from the students. 

You Can’t Take it With You (2014-2015)

A crazy family, an evening gone wrong, and a life lesson, everything you need for a fun and exciting play.

A Family Reunion to Die For (2013-2014)

At a Family Reunion gone bad everyone is stuck inside during a bad storm, while someone is murdering family members one by one. 

Higher Power (2012-2013)

Ten years to the day after an asteroid that was destined to destroy the Earth, but was suddenly obliterated, a small group of people that found themselves with super powers are united. 

Arsenic and Old Lace (2011-2012)

Mortimer Brewster goes to his aunts’ house to announce his recent engagement when he realizes what his spinster aunts have been up to all these years.


Quest For Quazi (2010-2011)

In this zany mixture of Disney characters, Red Riding Hood wins a date with Quasimodo and everything is going perfectly, until the Wicked Witch of the West appears 

The Miracle Worker (2009-2010)

This play is set in the 1880’s and follows the Keller Family and their daily struggles with their daughter Hellen and her teacher Anne Sullivan.


Little Women (2008-2009)

An adaptation of Louisa May Alcott’s Book follows four sisters during the 19th century. 


Shrapnel in the Heart (2008-2009)

Based on the book by Laura Palmer, which includes messages and letters people have left at the Vietnam Memorial Wall in Washington DC.